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Whitehaven Coal.


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Nikita /
Electrical apprentice - Whitehaven Coal
The part I like the most is learning a completely new role and meeting amazing new people to work with. The teamwork aspect is amazing… They've given me the opportunity I’ve always wanted.
Partner-Employers Whitehaven-Damon
Damon /
Mechanical apprentice - Whitehaven Coal
Working in an open cut mine, there’s plenty of big work. I’ve had a good opportunity to work alongside some of the most talented fitters… It’s nice to have those learning opportunities.
Whitehaven Coal /
Host Employer

Whitehaven’s partnership with Zeal Futures commenced in 2011, and has thrived for over thirteen years.

During that time, we have hosted 109 apprentices and trainees at our open-cut and underground mine sites. Zeal Futures' approach is both professional and customised to align with Whitehaven’s needs. Their ability to identify and attract motivated, quality candidates is invaluable in today’s competitive market.

The Whitehaven apprenticeship program equips our apprentices with industry-specific skills and offers a unique blend of practical experience and off-the-job training. Zeal Futures provides the expertise that Whitehaven Coal is looking for when it comes to ensuring that all stakeholders involved in the process, from the apprentice or trainee to the supervisor, receive high-quality training and support.

Zeal Futures have kept our apprentices and trainees on track to successfully complete their qualifications and to commence a long-term career with Whitehaven Coal. We would highly recommend Zeal Futures' programs to businesses considering hiring apprentices and trainees.

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