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Partner-Employers SNSW-Sophia-02
Sophia /
Digital Service Representative trainee - Service NSW
I like to set a positive example for my mob and all First Nations people, and I think traineeships open so many doors and different opportunities. I have really enjoyed the opportunity of being able to work on the traineeship program at Service NSW, particularly the First Nations traineeship program... VET is the best pathway for kick-starting your career.
Apprenticeships-and-Traineeships Origin-Justin
Justin /
Electrical apprentice - Origin Energy
The people I liaised with for both of my apprenticeships offered amazing support and guidance... I want to thank Zeal Futures for providing such a high quality training program for people wanting to pursue a career.
Partner-Employers Whitehaven-Nikita-2
Nikita /
Electrical apprentice - Whitehaven Coal
The part I like the most is learning a completely new role and meeting amazing new people to work with. The teamwork aspect is amazing… They've given me the opportunity I’ve always wanted.